Grizzlybärenfamilie, Great Bear Rainforest

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Grizzlybär Watching in Bella Coola (Michael Wigle photo)

Grizzlybär Watching in Bella Coola (Michael Wigle photo)

British Columbia ist DIE kanadische Provinz für Bärenbeobachtung. Hier tummeln sich seltene weiße Kermodebären (Geisterbären), mehr als die Hälfte der Grizzlybären Kanadas und ein Viertel des landesweiten Bestandes an Schwarzbären.

Von einer Beobachtungsplattform können Sie dem Grizzlybären bei der Lachsjagd und der anschließenden Mahlzeit zuschauen. Auf einer ruhigen Bootsfahrt auf dem Fluss können Sie Schwarzbären und ihre Jungen schmatzen hören, wenn sie frische Grasseggen fressen. Oder aber Sie erhaschen einen Blick auf den seltenen weißen Kermodebär, der am Flussufer entlangstreift.

Bären sind in British Columbia keine Seltenheit: möglicherweise begegnet Ihnen einer bei Ihrer Fahrt auf dem Highway oder aber bei einem Abenteuerausflug in die Wildnis. Sie müssen keine Tour machen, um Bären in BC zu sehen, aber natürlich steigen die Chancen und es ist auch sicherer, wenn Sie an einer Bärenbeobachtungstour teilnehmen.

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Bear Watching

Ecotours-BC & Pyna-tee-ah


Grizzlies, wildlife, birds & nature. Amazing natural & intimate encounters with nature in the hidden wilderness of the Cariboo Mountains. Experience Grizzly bear watching with the 'bear whisperer', walk with the Grizzlies; alpine hiking where you can feel the spirit of the mountains. We also offer birding, seeing winter moose & wolves through snowshoeing adventures. Observe the cycle of life of salmon & bears on the rivers.

New this year is glamping with Grizzlies. We offer a floating glamping lodge in heart of grizzly country. World-class fly fishing for legendary wild trout & salmon on the gin clear, uncrowded rivers of the Cariboo mountains. Fully guided, all-inclusive holiday adventure packages. Truly unique Canadian wilderness adventures giving you lifetime memories & life changing moments in nature. Destination Canada Signature Experience.

Farewell Harbour Lodge

Minstrel Island

In our backyard is the southern Great Bear Rainforest with some of the most spectacular and wild rivers of the BC coast; whose wild salmon nourish the planet's largest intact temperate rainforest. A key benefactor of the annual spectacle of the salmon spawn are the region's wild grizzly bears. The grizzlies will forage on sedge, roots and berries in the spring and summer in the broad, braided estuaries as they await the fall feast of salmon. Farewell Harbour Lodge takes guests on daily excursions into the heart of these systems in search of wild bears at home in their natural ecosystems.

The new Great Bear Lodge

Great Bear Lodge

Port Hardy

Journey to the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest to view and photograph grizzly bears. The floating Great Bear Lodge, with a maximum of 16 guests, is the perfect place to enjoy the wildlife & wilderness of British Columbia. Upgraded in 2014, the new lodge uses locally sourced woods and has large windows that look onto the forest and fjord.

Experienced biologists lead the twice-daily, bear-viewing sessions and activities such as interpretive hikes and boat excursions. Tours begin in Port Hardy, on northern Vancouver Island, with a spectacular seaplane flight to the Great Bear Lodge. Voted by National Geographic Adventure as one of the Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth, and recognized by the Destination Canada as a Canadian Signature Experience.


Grizzly Bear Ranch

Meadow Creek

Grizzly Bear Ranch is a small, highly-reviewed luxury lodge, situated on the banks of a remote blue-green mountain river far from the usual tourist routes in an unspoiled area of BC.

We offer guided wildlife viewing from May to June, wilderness tours from July to August, and grizzly bear viewing from September to October. In addition, we also offer black bear, other wildlife viewing, whitewater and scenic rafting, alpine hiking and nature walks.

It's time to come and experience this amazing wilderness, first-class cooking and your own private riverside cabin.

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear Safari Tours

Minstrel Island

Our grizzly bear/wildlife safari is for the adventurous person wishing to see & photograph the most complete wildlife population of the BC coast. Grizzly & black bears, orca & humpback whales, white-sided dolphins, eagles, sea lions & many more. An adventure you'll never forget.

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bears of Toba Inlet

Desolation Sound

This is the closet Grizzly Bear Viewing Tours to Vancouver! Grizzly Bear Watching Tours are operated in partnership with the Klahoose Coastal Adventures in remote Toba Valley. Guests stay at Homfray Lodge and cruise daily to Toba Inlet. The highlight of the tour will be the chance to view these magnificent grizzly bears feeding along the river from raised platforms. This is exclusive tour limited to just 12 guests. Homfray Lodge is a short water taxi (included) from Lund on the Sunshine Coast.

Khutzemateen Grizzly

Khutzeymateen Wilderness Lodge Ltd.


Located within the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary, the Khutzeymateen Wilderness Lodge is your home and gateway to view Grizzly Bears in a natural and unspoiled wilderness area.

We offer both day tours and overnight excursions to suit your needs and schedule.

Plan your day around bear viewing, visiting waterfalls or whale watching. Spend the evening relaxing at the lodge after a healthy meal, sauna, or campfire. Fall asleep to the cry of the eagle or splash of a seal while indulging in the comfort of a comfortable bed under a warm duvet.

As the only floating lodge in the Khutzeymateen, we offer an opportunity to enjoy all the comforts of home with plenty of room to stretch out and take in the awe-inspiring neighbourhood.

Knight Inlet Lodge

Knight Inlet Grizzly Bear Adventure Tours

Knight Inlet

Knight Inlet Lodge is Canada's premier grizzly bear viewing destination. We have been featured in productions by the BBC Natural History Unit (2008), National Geographic, Time Magazine, Disney & many others around the world as the best place to view grizzly bears in their natural habitat. Situated in the lush Great Bear Rainforest, Knight Inlet Lodge caters to the wildlife enthusiast wishing unparallelled viewing opportunities for grizzly bears, whales, birds & many other species of animals. 2012 - 2015 Travellers Choice award winner.

Grizzly Bear & Cubs

Kynoch Adventure Tours

Bella Coola

Join our tours with professional biologists to float tranquil rivers in search of wild grizzly & black bears. We may also see eagles, salmon, & other wildlife roaming & feeding in coastal streams & inlets from our expedition rafts & boats or on our ecological walking tours searching for grizzly bears. For a family friendly tour & something a little different & exciting, try our eco-rafting tours.

Kynoch Adventures provides premier sustainable wildlife & wilderness tours throughout Bella Coola Valley. Grizzly Bear viewing in Bella Coola is among the best in the world. Let Kynoch Adventures treat you to a wildlife holiday you will never forget!


Prince Rupert Adventure Tours

Prince Rupert

Experience one of the greatest wildlife shows on earth. Come aboard & let Prince Rupert Adventure Tours show you some of the most stunning & magnificent displays of wildlife that Northern British Columbia has to offer. Enjoy grizzly bear viewing in the famous Khutzeymateen 'Valley of the Grizzly'. See these legendary giants in their natural environment. Watch humpback whales flashing their unique tails as they dive to feed. Watch orca whales as they follow the migrating salmon. Along the way, you'll encounter stellar sea lions, harbours seals, eagles, blue herons & more. It is truly an unforgettable adventure experience of a lifetime.

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